Strategically Curated Real Estate Deals

Who We Are

With over $250M+ in assets under management, $100M+ in assets under development since inception, 33 holdings have a proven record of sourcing investments that create diversified portfolios and build wealth for our clients.

Our Unfair Advantage

33 Holdings is a fully vertical integrated asset management and capital deployment firm. When selecting real estate investments we purchase, rehabilitate, manage and sell the properties so that an investor is confident their capital will make a generous return.

33 Realty Management

Elevating the tenant experience.

Beers 33 Construction

Preserving and building residential and commercial properties.

33 Capital Management

Deploying capital responsibly.

33 Realty and Brokerage

Making real estate deals happen.

Investment Opportunities​

Diversified Fund

Residential and commercial hedged assets with double digit returns.


  • Income + Growth & Wealth
  • Distressed, and new construction – Value add on Market opportunity
  • Targeting opportunities at 20% IRR

Investment Summary:

  • 8% Annual Preferred Returns
  • Waterfall Equity at Exit
    • <12% IRR : 80% Equity,
    • 12% – 20% IRR : 75% Equity,
    • 20%+ IRR : 65% Equity
  • 1% Management Fees

Opportunity Zone Fund

Defer, reduce and eliminate capital gains.


  • Help investors achieve both favorable tax treatment & additional investment returns
  • Defer Capital Gains returns thru 2026
  • Reduce Capital Gains upto 15%
  • Eliminate Capital Gains on the Invested Capital Gains
  • Investments in job creation real estate mixed income opportunities. Only qualified Opportunity Zone Properties.

Investment Summary:

  • Investors make 100% of the first 8% of the dividends calculated and distributed on an annual basis.
  • Equity Share on Exit
    • 80% – 20% until the Members reach an annualized internal rate of return (“IRR”) of 12%
    • 75% – 25% until the Members reach an IRR of 20%
    • Thereafter, 65% – 35%
  • Tax Benefits
    • Tax benefits will be at the Individually at the 7 Year & 10 Year mark on Tax Returns
  • 2% Management Fees

Managed Funds

Investor tailored fund structures.


  • Exclusive capital commitment
  • Customized deal structure based on specific targets
  • Asset type options available based investment strategy

Investment Summary:

  • $1M in minimum investment
  • IRR 20%+ or more
  • 2 – 5 year hold time
  • Asset class choices
  • Flexible management fees